The RECOLAND research team of the Department of Energy Production and Use from Power Faculty (University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest) will develop in the framework of the project different activities of industrial research and experimental development. The department has both important human and material resources (these were generally achieved throughout the national and European financial support). The RECOLAND research activities related to the experimental development is mainly completed within LMMCPED (Laboratory of Environmental Monitoring and Certification of the Energy Potential of Waste) of Power Faculty, UPB.

LMMCPED has an important infrastructure (equipments and intruments) which are normally used in the framework of different project research, but also for the development of the didactic activities. Across the RECOLAND project research, already achivied equipments are used, but also new equipments will be aquisited (generally used for the physical-chemical analysis of the contaminated soils and electrochemical, biological and theraml techniques for polluted soil remediation).

Some of the LMMCPED research equipments are illustrated bellow:

Pyro-incineration pilot plant :

pirocombustie2 pirocombustie1







Laboratory consumables, reagents and chemicals
(acquired through RECOLAND)

consumabile1. UV-VIS spectrophotometer                 2. Pyrolysis tubular reactor

1.UVVIS 2.instalatie_incinerare_reactor_tubular







Vacuum pump with pressure gauge
(acquired through RECOLAND)

pompadevidAAS Spectrophotometer

AAS1 AAS2 AAS3 AAS4Soxhlet Type manual extraction unit
(acquired through RECOLAND)

soxhlet1 soxhlet21. Chemical niche
2. Analytical balance
3.  Power Plant electro-remediation (acquired through RECOLAND)

1. nisa 2. balanta 3. instalatiepilotRotary evaporator
(acquired through RECOLAND

evaporator1 evaporator2Gas Chromatograph / Mass Spectrometer

GCMS1 GCMS2Isokinetic sampling probe for powder / Sampling system for metals and HCl detection (acquired throughRECOLAND)