The main purpose of the RECOLAND project is to develop a multicriteria decision support system (informatic system), that will allow:

  • to assess the human health risk from contaminated soil and to use it as a decisional criteria for the management of the contaminated areas (historical or accidental pollution),
  • to identify the optimal solution for remediation of contaminated areas with toxic and persistent pollutants,
  • to analyse decontamination costs related to the proposed decontamination technologies,
  • to establish some criteria in order to be able to plan and manage historical and contaminated industrial areas with persistent and toxic pollutants.

More precisely, the use of the proposed informatic system for environmental analysis, it will allow verifying if the land is suited to construction or agricultural activities. The development support system will interconnect different research fields (Environment, Health, Informatic and Communication Technologies – ICT). This will allow to minimize the human health impact from soil contamination with toxic and persistent, organic and inorganic pollutants.

The four modules of the systems that will be interconnected to fulfil the presented objective are:

  • Assessment of Human Health Risk caused by the exposure of contaminated soils,
  • Identification of Optimal Solution for the Polluted Soils Decontamination,
  • Costs analysis,
  • Territory Management depending of soils suitability for different using.